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Security Since the end of the s, when labour migration was halted, immigration has been the hot potato of French politics. Ever since its electoral breakthrough inthe Front National has capitalized on the anxieties of the French society towards globalization, the economic and financial crisis as well as the disappointment with the current European project, seen by many as a big liberal market where social safety nets există o vedere 9 being dismantled.

Identity, citizenship, French suburbs and laïcité are seen by right-wing politicians as republican symbols under threat by immigrants, and this view is increasingly shared by left-wing politicians like ex-Prime Minister Manuel Valls. Immigration is therefore mostly considered as a security issue by French politicians. The far-left presents the most humanistic ideas, although outside of EU treaties, while Emmanuel Macron stresses that asylum is a right and migrants are a strength for the economy.

With 74, asylum applicants inFrance is far from theapplications received by Germany in In the campaign immigration is no longer debated as a societal project but rather as a security and identity issue Although employment remains the first preoccupation of French people, the presidential Forumul Vision Restored polls show restrictive trends towards immigration.

While Front National and the right-wing parties follow these public opinion trends, Emmanuel Macron, the leader of En Marche! Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the far-left candidate, offers the most human policy, but outside of the European Treaties. Overall, in the French presidential campaign immigration is no longer debated as a societal project but rather as a security and identity issue.

The legacy of the Hollande Presidency Traditionally known for its humanist approach to immigration, the left-wing Forumul Vision Restored of President Hollande has in fact continued the security approach initiated by his predecessor Sarkozy. Later, he dropped his promise to grant foreigners the right to vote in local elections. In spite of a multi-annual residence permit, the immigration law facilitates the expulsion of irregular migrants and has been denounced by several NGOs.

The asylum law reduces the delays in the treatment of asylum applications, thus aligning it with EU law. According to the OFPRAthe Forumul Vision Restored that processes asylum-seeker applications, this delay amounted to days in Furthermore, asylum seekers whose request for asylum has been refused but cannot be returned to their home countries have not being given Forumul Vision Restored status see here.

Restrictive extreme right-wing programmes François Fillon, ex-Prime Minister of France under President Sarkozy, and now running for president while under formal investigation for misuse of public funds and fake employment of his wife as a parliamentary assistant, offers a vitamine pentru legume vizuale immigration programme, close to the propositions of Front National.

Forumul Vision Restored Fillon as president, the French Constitution would be modified to adopt a quota principle, Forumul Vision Restored be defined by law, on how many residency permits could be delivered.

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Laws granting French citizenship to French ascendants of more than 65 years old would be repealed. State medical Forumul Vision Restored for foreigners will be reviewed, and foreigners will be exempted from paying healthcare costs only in the cases of minors, emergencies and infectious disease, and only in some selected hospitals and clinics.

Like Macron, Fillon wants to limit the delays in processing asylum requests to 4 months. Administrative detention of irregular migration will be extended from 45 days to 6 months, the maximum authorized by the EU return directive.

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The Schengen Treaty will be renegotiated to authorize increased controls at internal borders. Citizenship rules will be tightened up with additional conditions such as a minimum 8 years of residency in France and a minimum 5 years of marriage.

First, legal migration will be reduced fromto 10, entries per year. In the short term, because she wants to renegotiate the EU treaties, this should not apply to European citizens. Family reunification will also stop.

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Third, she will suppress the jus soli, the right of place of birth. This right grants French citizenship to anyone born on French territory with at least one French parent. Children born from foreign parents on French territory can also choose for French citizenship when they are 18 years old.

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State medical help would be suppressed. The regularization or naturalization of irregular migrants will no longer be possible. Pro-immigration programmes Benoît Hamon, the Socialist candidate supported by Europe Environment Les Verts, the Green party, takes a more liberal stance on immigration. He wants foreigners to have a right to vote in local elections and will accelerate the integration of asylum seekers.

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They will have the right to work after three months on French territory and will gain more opportunities Forumul Vision Restored learn French.

At the EU level, Hamon wants to Forumul Vision Restored the Dublin system that he considers unfair to Italy and Greece, two countries under important budgetary restrictions. Instead, he proposes a fairer sharing of asylum seekers among EU member states based on their hosting capacities. Jean-Luc Mélenchon, the far-left leader, proposes to regularize irregular migrants and to de-criminalize irregular migration. At EU level, Mélenchon wants to replace the European Border and Coast Guard Agency by an agency that will mainly rescue migrants at sea, revise databases on foreigners and biometrics used on the external EU borders.

He wants to pursue Euro-Mediterranean cooperation and co-development with Southern and African neighbours.

The OFPRA would be attached to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and no longer to the Interior Ministry, while asylum seekers would be able to work when awaiting their case to be examined. Access to French citizenship Forumul Vision Restored be facilitated.

Defending a liberal immigration policy, he considers the welcoming of refugees as a moral duty for France and Europe and has therefore criticized the EU-Turkey deal.

His programme develops the following main propositions. Second, as Macron considers immigrants as formidable assets for the French and European economies, he wants to speed up the asylum-request process and reduce it to less than 6 months, appeal included.

However, Macron does propose an immediate return to the country of origin for those who will not be granted asylum status.

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At the European level, he proposes to strengthen the European Border Guards Corps, to improve border control in countries of origin and to combat human smuggling, in line with existing commitments. Looking forward This campaign has defied any standards about French presidential elections. La măsurarea acuității vizuale the investigations of Marine Le Pen and François Fillon, and the fact that this election takes place under a state of emergency, the two frontrunners include a candidate who claims to be neither left-wing nor right-wing and who until a year ago did not have a party, and an extreme-right Forumul Vision Restored whose accession to power no longer shocks anyone.

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Given that France is a multicultural society, built on migration, it is disappointing that migration is not regarded as a societal project. Measures to integrate migrants are minimal and it is only very rarely that candidates recall that asylum is a human right.

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This national disillusionment is also reflected at the European level, where migration is rarely presented as a positive force for European economies in light of the inevitable ageing of populations.

This is no good news for immigrants, nor for French and European citizens.

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She is an expert on EU immigration policy. Wolff can be followed on her blog. This article is published with the support of the Adessium Foundation. See their report here.