Conceptul viziunii umane.

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Globalization has increased the interdependence between nature, human being and society. The scientific and technological progress have created a new category of global threats on the vital interests of persons and society.

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The international community and states, in particular, have not yet found an adequate response to these threats. Contrary to some views circulating in the area of neorealist and neoclassical paradigm, the states maintain their status as central actors in international relations, although the focus moves from state to society and its institutions.

Moreover, the representatives of the postmodern concept consider that the state, not being able to provide security for itself, becomes a source of threat for the community. Human security cannot replace the traditional meanings of security, but should not be excluded from the conceptul viziunii umane of defining the concept of security, because of its integrative feature.

Human security provides a new approach concerning security and development. The current security policies continue to focus on the threats against the state and conceptul viziunii umane the traditional military capabilities.

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The security is dealt with, apart from the problem of development. The current approaches on security and development are not only appropriate, but in some cases may exacerbate insecurity.

Mounier, Introduction aux existentialismes, éd. Gallimard, Contingența ființei umane Ființa umană nu este o ființă necesară; fiecare dintre noi ar putea la fel de bine să nu fie.

The conceptualization of human security and sustainable development is an essential contribution to changing paradigms, reflected in the change of focus from state security to security of individuals and from economic development to the impact on the welfare of individuals. Human security is an important step towards rebuilding the international system around a fair international order. Thus, human security is legitimized in contemporary conceptual universe by involving the ethical and normative dimensions.

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Human security and human rights are mutually reinforcing, because the first has the burden of establishing that rights are threatened in some situations, and the latter are responsible to determine the trajectory that human security must fall.